Carlos Edinson Roso Espinosa

Frontend Developer/UX Designer|+57 3045645155|Bogotá, Colombia

Work Experience

Pappcorn Jan 16 - Aug 16

Lead Developer

Pappcorn is a web design agency based in Bogotá whose primary mission is to be the digital partner of companies. I helped the company execute two contracts landed with high profile companies. I’ve led a 4 person team composed of frontend and backend engineers. Currently, I’m focused on learning, applying and developing new technologies that can enhance our apps performance and development worflow.

Drinkyourdrink Jan 16 - May 16

Frontend Developer

Drinkyourdrink is a San Francisco based startup focused on solving most of the problems associated with drinks and food ordering in venues. I’ve been working as a frontend engineer mainly on the dashboard application. I redesigned and developed 8 website templates that can be purchased by venue owners. I also developed a fully responsive pixel perfect landing page. I designed and implemented the responsive version of the whole admin.

Join & Enjoy Nov 14 - Jan 16


I cofounded a web development agency with the primary focus of standing out from the crowd for executing high performance websites while having pixel perfect designs. We grew from 2 to 6 employees in 8 months, landed contracts with big companies (+100 employees) and set up an office in Bogotá’s downtown. We executed more than 12 projects including web and mobile apps, ecommerce sites and corporative sites.

GSD Plus Jan 14 - Nov 14

Transport consultant

I worked as a junior engineer for a transport consultant. Featured projects: Support in the technological implementation of the Lima's integrated transport system; Design of the technological infrastructure for a colombian city's public transport system.


GRE Preparation course Jun 13 - Dec 13

Kaplan - Seattle, WA

I took a course to prepare for GRE test and got percentile 92% in quantitative and 68% in verbal. This is what's pretty much needed to get into a top school for a master in engineering. I took TOEFL as well and got 102/120.

Electronics Engineering Jan 08 - Dec 12

Universidad de los Andes - Bogotá, Colombia

Graduated top 5% of my class with a GPA of 4.42/5. The Universidad de los Andes is considered as the best Colombian university and has one of the most prestigious engineering school in Latin America. For my dissertation I developed hardware and software for the autonomous navigation of a lunar excavation robot.

Electrical Engineering Jan 08 - Dec 12

Universidad de los Andes - Bogotá, Colombia

For my dissertation I developed an algorithm for optimal placement of reclosers in electrical distribution systems


Fincluimos Hackathon Apr 16

Role: UX/UI Designer - Frontend developer

First place in design category in the Fincluimos hackathon. This hackaton was organized by The World Bank among other major financial institutions. It's considered as one of the most prestigious Colombian fintech hackathon. My role in the team was to design UX/UI and implement a fully functional Ionic app.

NASA's Lunabotics Mining Competition Jun 13

Role: Electronics team lead

I led the electronics team of group Robocol which got ranked 4th out of 55 teams from all around the world. I designed and implemented an algorithm that won a third place for Efficient use of Communications Power. We also got a third place in Slide Presentation and Demonstration. This competition was held at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida.


Roso C.E., Garcia A.,, Design and implementation of a Lunabot using NASA Systems Engineering. 2012 IEEE 4th Colombian Workshop on Circuits and Systems (CWCAS). October 2012.

Other Projects

Hacking Jun 13 - Present


I've published a product on Product Hunt and developed several other software personal projects.

Lovin' Music Since 10 years old - Present


I studied piano in several music schools and played for 7 years in a local christian church. I've also played and sung in weddings, parties and different kinds of ceremonies.

Award for Medium post Dec 15

One of my posts in Medium made it to the most seen in 2015 list.

Teaching assistant Jan 09 - Dec 12

Universidad de los Andes - Bogotá, Colombia

Responsible for teaching labs, grading exams and developing software tools for more than 10 computer science and electronics engineering courses.

Professional Certifications

National Instruments Sep 12 - Sep 14

Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD).

My web development stack

IDE: Sublime Text for the win.

Frontend framework: AngularJS.

Backend framework: Django. I'm starting to get my hands dirty with Node.js (this site is one of my first experiments with node).

Mobile dev: I've developed and published some native Android apps, but Ionic is my go-to alternative for developing mobile apps.

CSS Preprocessor: SASS. I've done a couple of projects with LESS but once you fall in love with SASS you don't look back.

HTML Preprocessor: Nope, must admit I haven't even wanted to try one of these.

Web hosting: Webfaction. Gotta love their one click installers to get up and running quickly.